Professional Skills
  • Solid foundation in computer science, with experience of building a simple working compiler
  • Wide range of experience in web development, from backend to front end
  • Always with team coding standards, web standards and best practices in mind
  • Experience of developing websites in Linux/Mac environment
  • Strong ability of learning; Used Java/PHP/Ruby/Python in various projects
Language Skills
  • Scored 85.5/100 in CET-6
  • Proficient in reading/writing and good in speaking, with 1 month of work experience in the US in 2010
Graduate School of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (Institute of Software), Applied computer technology. (GPA: 3.14/4.3)
Bachelor, University of Science and Technology of China, Software engineering. (GPA: 3.54/4.3)
  • Guanghua scholarship
University of Science and Technology of China, Automation
  • Excellent student scholarship
Work Experience
daodao.com (TripAdvisor China)

Led and developed the log analysis system, and provided traffic sources, quality and conversion data for SEO/SEM and other marketing channels

Built in-house SEM management system from ground up, which managed millions of keywords on Baidu/Google and optimized them in ROI targeted approach, with the help of log analysis results

Analyzed market condition and set SEO targets, led SEO projects, and monitored the outcomes


An SNS aimed at providing the people/shops in a real geographical community with an SNS-based communication/trading platform.

I was the only developer behind it and touched every aspect of building a whole site from scratch, from architectural design to back-end/front-end implementation.


I did at least 40% of all the codes building the SNS site. Highlights include: Design and implementation of the matching by survey algorithm; Building map based applications using Google Maps API.